So, as a second blog post I figured I should share a delicious juice recipe, since i love juicing:) I try to juice as often as time  allows me to, and I want to share with you all the great reasons for juicing! SO LETS GO:

-ITS FUN. get creative! try new combinations of fruits and veggies

-it’s tasty 😉

-Its a great way to make sure you meet your daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables.

-eating enough fruits and veggies daily can protect you from developing cancer.

-juicing helps with the absorption of other nutrients

-juicing regularly will make you feel more energized without the need for stimulants.

-juicing regularly will also improve your complexion, giving you a radiant glow.

-by juicing you can incorporate a variety of vegetables that are not normally apart of your diet, for ex. beets

So now that I have convinced you of all the wonderful reasons to start juicing, you can now buy your very own juicer. You should look for a machine that has few parts. I wish someone would have given me this advice before I bought mine, because mine has about ten parts and it is a B*&$%& to clean.

ANYWAYS. The juice I just made was wonderful:)

mulan-juicethis is Mulan, my great room mate and friend, enjoying my concoction. SHE LIKED IT.. at least she told me she did!


These are all the ingredients I used today. 1 lemon 2 green apples 1 large orange 1 cucumber and a handful of chives.



2 responses to “GET IN THE JUICE GLOW

  1. Sarah, big fan here!! What’s your thoughts on drinking chocolate milk right before bed time!?? Good?? Bad?? Great??
    George Mitchell


    • George Mitchell, thanks for your interest:) Chocolate milk can be an addicting combo of fat and sugar.. so I would avoid drinking it often! If you are going to drink it, try choosing a low fat milk. 🙂


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