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Foods That Clear Up Complexion

Hello All,

Excuse me for not posting recently, I have been busy traveling. I was in the US for a little visit. While I was there Paul, a couple of his friends, and I went to Colorado to see O.A.R at the Red Rocks theater.It was absolutely amazing! The Red Rocks Amphitheater is beyond the best venue I have ever been to see a concert. Anyways, I figured I needed to post before I leave again for Amsterdam. 🙂 I will post a blog about my trip to Amsterdam and all of my experiences there. Hopefully, I’ll find some health food stores while I am there.

While I was the US for two weeks, I really fell off the bandwagon….. ate a lot of fast food, and basically binged on all my American favorites!!!!! But, that’s ok, because I am only human and it’s allowed to have burgers and ice cream in moderation, as long as you’re also exercising and eating raw foods.  LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE. When I got back to Norway I could really notice the effect of this unhealthiness on my complexion. So since then, I have been incorporating some extra face cleansing food choices in my diet, and I’ll share these little secrets with you all:)

1.  Omega 3 EVERYDAY. Chia seeds are actually one of natures richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain cell membranes by protecting the skin and providing it with moisture. Chia seeds and walnuts are rich in these fatty acids (great choices if you’re a vegetarian), as are wild bison and oily fish (great options if you’re a meat-eater). I add two table spoons of chia seeds to a class of water and drink this mixture every morning.

2. Mango and other yellow and orange fruits, such as papaya and cantaloupe, are good sources of pro-vitamin A. This is a vitamin A precursor that your body will turn into the vitamin A that it needs to protect your immune system and promote your growth and development. A deficiency, although rare, can lead to dry eyes and skin. Vitamin A, in the form of tretinoin and isotretinoin, is used to treat acne and skin disorders. In addition to vitamin A, 1/2 cup of sliced mango also has 40 percent of your daily value of vitamin C to keep your complexion clear and smooth.

3. Almonds! I choose almonds as a mid day snack because they contain Vitamin E! One of the most significant vitamins that benefit skin cells.

4. Finally, I have been making sure to drink 3 liters of water everyday. I don’t think I can stress this point enough, ever. HYDRATION IS KEY, for all bodily functions.

So, these foods (as well as avoiding fast food, sugar, and a lot of caffeine) have most certainly contributed to clearer skin.