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Foods That Clear Up Complexion

Hello All,

Excuse me for not posting recently, I have been busy traveling. I was in the US for a little visit. While I was there Paul, a couple of his friends, and I went to Colorado to see O.A.R at the Red Rocks theater.It was absolutely amazing! The Red Rocks Amphitheater is beyond the best venue I have ever been to see a concert. Anyways, I figured I needed to post before I leave again for Amsterdam. 🙂 I will post a blog about my trip to Amsterdam and all of my experiences there. Hopefully, I’ll find some health food stores while I am there.

While I was the US for two weeks, I really fell off the bandwagon….. ate a lot of fast food, and basically binged on all my American favorites!!!!! But, that’s ok, because I am only human and it’s allowed to have burgers and ice cream in moderation, as long as you’re also exercising and eating raw foods.  LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE. When I got back to Norway I could really notice the effect of this unhealthiness on my complexion. So since then, I have been incorporating some extra face cleansing food choices in my diet, and I’ll share these little secrets with you all:)

1.  Omega 3 EVERYDAY. Chia seeds are actually one of natures richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain cell membranes by protecting the skin and providing it with moisture. Chia seeds and walnuts are rich in these fatty acids (great choices if you’re a vegetarian), as are wild bison and oily fish (great options if you’re a meat-eater). I add two table spoons of chia seeds to a class of water and drink this mixture every morning.

2. Mango and other yellow and orange fruits, such as papaya and cantaloupe, are good sources of pro-vitamin A. This is a vitamin A precursor that your body will turn into the vitamin A that it needs to protect your immune system and promote your growth and development. A deficiency, although rare, can lead to dry eyes and skin. Vitamin A, in the form of tretinoin and isotretinoin, is used to treat acne and skin disorders. In addition to vitamin A, 1/2 cup of sliced mango also has 40 percent of your daily value of vitamin C to keep your complexion clear and smooth.

3. Almonds! I choose almonds as a mid day snack because they contain Vitamin E! One of the most significant vitamins that benefit skin cells.

4. Finally, I have been making sure to drink 3 liters of water everyday. I don’t think I can stress this point enough, ever. HYDRATION IS KEY, for all bodily functions.

So, these foods (as well as avoiding fast food, sugar, and a lot of caffeine) have most certainly contributed to clearer skin.



10 nutrition rules to live by from the US Mens soccer team


Hello:) Loving this summery weather in Oslo.

Do you want to be as fit and healthy as the US Mens soccer team? Well, you quite possibly can, you just have to start with the basics. Some people may imagine that this professional team has a strict and complicated diet but its really just the opposite. Luckily the professional nutritionists behind this plan were nice enough to publish these great tips for all to benefit from. So, read and learn wellness warriors.

The 10 Nutrition Rules To Live By

1. COME BACK TO EARTH: Choose the least processed forms of food such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and high fiber carbohydrates.

2. EAT A RAINBOW OFTEN: Eat fruits or vegetables with each meal. Choose a wide variety of colors for the biggest benefit.

3. THE LESS LEGS THE BETTER: Include a LEAN protein source with each meal.

4. EAT HEALTHY FATS: Include healthy fats in your diet like olive oil, nuts, natural nut butters, seeds, avocado, fish, flaxseed and flaxseed oil.

5. EAT BREAKFAST EVERY DAY: When you eat within 30 minutes of waking up, you jump start your metabolism. This gives you more energy to get your day going.

6. THREE FOR THREE: Eat smaller portions more often, spread evenly across the day. No excuses – you should be eating 4-6 meals/day! Aim for all three macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) every three hours for optimal fueling.

7. STAY HYDRATED: Dehydration = Decreased Performance. Drink at least three liters of non-caloric beverages (water/green tea) every day.

8. DON’T WASTE YOUR WORKOUT: Have a post-workout recovery meal or shake that combines both carbs and protein immediately after your training.

9. SUPPLEMENT WISELY: Fuel first and supplement second. If you are not getting what you need through food, add a multivitamin supplement into your daily routine. Create a smart supplementation program that improves your performance without compromising your health or draining your wallet. Before you take any type of supplement, make sure to check in with your doctor or registered dietitian.

10. SLEEP: Aim for eight hours of sleep. If you can’t get eight hours daily, consider power naps when you can. The body recovers and repairs best when it is sleeping.

And to finish off …

The 80/20 Rule: Each meal and snack is an opportunity to fuel your body optimally. Choose the foods that are best for you 80% of the time and incorporate some of those foods that may not be the best, but are your favorites, 20% of the time!

Unethical Business Practice in Oslo

 Hello wellness warriors.

I want to share something serious with you all today. Something that is not directly related to physical wellness but does relate to mental wellness. Recently Ive been working 5 days a week waiting tables at a tapas restaurant in Oslo. This job was pretty stressful because you’re constantly moving around handling food and running back to a greasy kitchen. Basically, I had some differences with the boss who refused to give me ANY training what so ever. Not only that but she asked me to work and close the restaurant with a girl who had worked there less than a month. This other young girl had never closed the cash register alone and I had never been apart of the closing routine what so ever. We ended up staying at the restaurant until 2 am and we were stuck there when we didn’t know how to set the alarm. After this experience I was not hesitant to tell the boss what I was unsatisfied with the situation. And shortly after telling her my disappointment I was fired. I have never been fired from a job before, so it was a slight shock.  This is not the only bad experience I’ve had while working in Oslo. This winter I got a job working for a company called Scanomat. I was working at conventions promoting coffee machines that cost anywhere from 30,000-75,000 kr. While working with Scanomat I was brought on business trips to Denmark for coffee workshops and even got a company car. After a month of driving around Oslo and promoting coffee machines and not getting paid, although I had signed a contract, I started asking questions. Little did I know, the contract I had signed was invalid, and they dropped me like a hot potato. I didn’t receive a krone from commission, however I would like to add that the guy who hired me bought a brand new Porche right before he told me that my contract was invalid.

I just wanted to bring attention to the unethical business practices going on in Oslo. It’s pretty obvious there’s a huge wave of greediness going on. Pretty disturbing. It’s taught me not to be so trusting in people and to question others intentions, sad that it has to be this way. Before these experiences I could not imagine that serious professionals could treat their employees in this way. But, I do want to encourage others to not be afraid to stand up for your working rights and voice your opinions. Life is too short to be mistreated and taken advantage of.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Please comment

Until next time,



Here’s to trying something new!

I decided that blogging would be a fantastic way to share my passions with other people, so I am going to give it my best shot! I will be posting pictures of beautiful landscapes in Norway and of other adventures I have.

So check in regularly for updates on what I am getting my fingers into next. 🙂