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Unethical Business Practice in Oslo

 Hello wellness warriors.

I want to share something serious with you all today. Something that is not directly related to physical wellness but does relate to mental wellness. Recently Ive been working 5 days a week waiting tables at a tapas restaurant in Oslo. This job was pretty stressful because you’re constantly moving around handling food and running back to a greasy kitchen. Basically, I had some differences with the boss who refused to give me ANY training what so ever. Not only that but she asked me to work and close the restaurant with a girl who had worked there less than a month. This other young girl had never closed the cash register alone and I had never been apart of the closing routine what so ever. We ended up staying at the restaurant until 2 am and we were stuck there when we didn’t know how to set the alarm. After this experience I was not hesitant to tell the boss what I was unsatisfied with the situation. And shortly after telling her my disappointment I was fired. I have never been fired from a job before, so it was a slight shock.  This is not the only bad experience I’ve had while working in Oslo. This winter I got a job working for a company called Scanomat. I was working at conventions promoting coffee machines that cost anywhere from 30,000-75,000 kr. While working with Scanomat I was brought on business trips to Denmark for coffee workshops and even got a company car. After a month of driving around Oslo and promoting coffee machines and not getting paid, although I had signed a contract, I started asking questions. Little did I know, the contract I had signed was invalid, and they dropped me like a hot potato. I didn’t receive a krone from commission, however I would like to add that the guy who hired me bought a brand new Porche right before he told me that my contract was invalid.

I just wanted to bring attention to the unethical business practices going on in Oslo. It’s pretty obvious there’s a huge wave of greediness going on. Pretty disturbing. It’s taught me not to be so trusting in people and to question others intentions, sad that it has to be this way. Before these experiences I could not imagine that serious professionals could treat their employees in this way. But, I do want to encourage others to not be afraid to stand up for your working rights and voice your opinions. Life is too short to be mistreated and taken advantage of.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Please comment

Until next time,